Early Intervention

Early Intervention is a service provided for babies zero to three years of age at no cost to the family.   Our Team is proud to be a part of this State funded program since it’s inception.  ThisTeam of professionals working together from ISS ‘BABY STEPS’ has been providing early intervention services since 2007 in the Las Vegas area.

At-Risk babies who meet certain criteria, as defined by Nevada regulations, can be provided these interventions at no cost to the family.  At-Risk can mean many things, but in this case is defined in general as a delay in some part of the child’s developmental growth. The areas looked at are cognitive development (learning & understanding), physical development, communication, social/emotional development and/or adaptive development (self help).  If you feel your child is not developing as you think he/she should be, please call our office at 702-586-3100 where Miss Rosa will be happy to assist you begin the process of determining whether your child qualifies for the program.


  • Early Identification, Screening & Assessments
  • Speech Therapy                                      
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Case Management
  • Family Training
  • Play Groups
  • Therapy Groups
  • Service Coordination
  • Behavioral Services
  • Autism Services 
  • Special Instruction
  • Audiology Services
  • Vision Services
  • Assistive Technology Services                                             

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