Early Intervention

Early intervention is a system of services that helps babies and toddlers with developmental delays or disabilities.                                                                                            (NICHEY) 

This system of support and teaching services is generously coordinated and funded by the State of Nevada at no cost to the family. Briefly, the first step is to find out if your child is eligible. You may have noticed that other children seem to be ahead when you see them at playtime or you noticed your child is slowly developing in one or more areas of growth (physical development, cognitive development, communication development, social/emotional development and adaptive development), or that your pediatrician gave you some information, etc.   If  YOU decide that evaluation is warranted, you should immediately contact Project Assist at 800-522-0066 to find out.  It is extremely important to know that children’s growth rates from birth are the most rapid than at any other developmental stages in their lives.  That is why it is critical to request evaluation as early as concerns or delays are noticed.  Again, Project Assist will provide you with a list of community providers of early intervention services in your State and with no cost to the family it gives you a significant jump on getting your child’s development growing in the right direction at the most critical stage of his/her life advancement.

So how do you choose your provider when you don’t have information on who does what?  Your Project Assist coordinator will direct you to the website of the organizations available so that you can review some information about the service specialties of providers in the area.  ISS Baby Steps is one of those providers you will see on the list (also listed as Integrated Support Solutions (ISS)).  Our website is geared toward giving the parents the best information available about what we do, about child growth and development, about the TEAM of professionals that will support you and how to help your family with real, down to earth strategies that make it easier to integrate into your day, as well as where to find other resources for your child and family.  Often it is unknown to the parent which community provider will mesh best with your family beliefs,  which  provides the services that match best with your family’s members.  Here at Baby Steps we concentrate on supporting the parents to prioritize their concerns and use the tools available in the community as well as the tools that have been specially designed for your family’s needs.  We involve the parent, as well as other family members to lead us in the direction that is most comfortable to you and that fits right into your family’s daily routines so as to provide the least amount of turmoil.  Our staff members will quickly find out from you and your child exactly what is going to be the least intrusive and the most convenient strategies to use.  Soon, those become successful strategies you will easily integrate based on our ability together to identify the most;  Individual preferences – Individual growth strategies – Individual strengths – that soon help to provide you with the best tools to increase participation in a variety of experiences and/or exercises at this most crucial and effective early stages of development.

ISS Baby Steps is proud to be a provider for the State of Nevada of early intervention services since 2009.  Please take a moment to briefly look through the pages on this website to see what interests you and to get to know us a little more.  If you have additional questions about our services we encourage you to call the office and speak to Miss Rosa for more detailed information such as; how soon your child can be evaluated, how soon after that can services begin if they are needed, or anything else regarding the early intervention program.  Miss Rosa (702-586-3100) has been with the company since day one and can always find out for you what she doesn’t know!   Our Team is proud to be a part of this State funded program and our professionals are pleased to provide this program in your family home or day care or where you and your family are most comfortable.  Our Team of professionals are fully equipped and anxious to work together with your entire family in order to get the best results by working within your family schedule so that the developmental tasks are nicely integrated into your day without causing a disturbance.

Baby Steps believes it is extremely important and equally essential that the service/s you  have prioritized and designed are integrated into YOUR routine and that you are not being forced to do some “tasks” that you know in your heart will not work with your child.  Your assigned Developmental Teaching Specialist realizes that it is you and your family who actually make the difference by becoming involved (not smothering) but taking an interest and communicating and building a supportive relationship within his/her family is where the true success lies.  It is the foundation for all of the skills and tools you are learning, that YOU play a magnificent part in how your child becomes an integral part in your family bringing his/her strengths and needs (as we ALL do) but seeing you are NOT limited to what has always been, but that you now have the opportunity to design, become involved in a way that works for your whole family, to have to use what has always been done even though the success rate is low.  The more the parent and family are able to integrate into your current routine, the faster AND most rewarding to you as a parent when you have been such a huge part of the success.  Knowing in your heart that if YOU had not decided to get involved, your baby would just continue to be part of a crowd which no one expects anything from.  When YOU have practiced the plan with your child, you KNOW that you are the catalyst from start (requesting evaluation) to now that has truly impacted any small part of your child’s learning success – HOW can you deny the huge part you played.  And with the tools you take away from this program, you know you will be able to advocate for your child’s ability to be successful throughout life and no one can deny that!   ISS ‘BABY STEPS’ has been the leader in advocating for parent and family education in child development as well as utilizing the best practices in early infant “targeted brain” teachings.  In the past, many providers supported any possible other therapies that in the past have only been done by the licensed professional. ISS prides itself in our concentration of practical tasks and exercises education for family members that have hertofore been seen as unable to learn to do.  ISS believes that along with the importance of teaching parents what and why the exercises have been recommended but also, more importantly, understands that these interactions between your infant/toddler are absolutely one of the most satisfying of the program developing relationships

At-Risk babies who meet certain criteria, as defined by Nevada regulations, can be provided these interventions at no cost to the family.  At-Risk can mean many things, but in this case is defined in general as a delay in some part of the child’s developmental growth. The areas looked at are cognitive development (learning & understanding), physical development, communication, social/emotional development and/or adaptive development (self help).  If you feel your child is not developing as you think he/she should be, please call our office at 702-586-3100 where Miss Rosa will be happy to assist you begin the process of determining whether your child qualifies for the program.  Or you may call Project Assist directly for a list of additional providers.


  • Early Identification, Screening & Assessments
  • Speech Therapy                                      
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Case Management
  • Family Training
  • Play Groups
  • Therapy Groups
  • Service Coordination
  • Behavioral Services
  • Autism Services 
  • Special Instruction
  • Audiology Services
  • Vision Services
  • Assistive Technology Services                                             

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