Dear Parent

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Dear Family,


Early Intervention Providers pride themselves in their programs, it seems more so than any other human service career group of people I have seen after 20 years in Nevada, and it is certainly true in our Company ‘Baby Steps’’.   ‘Baby Steps’ is a small, proud, privately owned Company that started providing early intervention services in 2009.  It is hard to help parents to decide on a provider with a short read when all providers are required to provide the same basic services to help children who are developing at a rate slower than the usual expected timelines.  Providers determine eligibility by evaluating the timelines within the developmental milestones in the following domains;  physical (reaching, rolling, crawling, and walking); cognitive (thinking, learning, solving problems); communication (talking, listening, understanding); social/emotional (playing, feeling secure and happy); and self-help (eating, dressing). That said, the question remains;

“Which Company Will Best Meet The Needs Of Our Child,While Also

Supporting Us To Cope With Any Added Strain On Our Already Busy Schedules? “

What the child with a developmental delay or disability needs, besides regulatory guidelines from the State and Federal Part C can be few or many-depending on what the parent and family prefer and can easily integrate into their daily/weekly activities with the least amount of turmoil…some examples are; all services are free to the family, all of us meet timelines that coincide with regulations, etc. You can get additional information on the Nevada Early Intervention Website for a more general perspective to assist you to become more aware of which priorities for your family will work.

One thing I want you to know before moving on however, is that after you have gone through these next three years together, I believe you will agree that you would not have (to this point) had an experience with your newest family member that was more satisfying after learning so much about him.  I believe the reason for that is that the growth rate for infants is so FAST, that you are able to see success as soon as it happens!  It can be as small a success as imitating sticking out a tongue, to actually taking a step – or more!  I do hope that some of this information helps you to make your choice a little easier. No matter which Company you choose, we all work well together and truly hope you choose what is best for your child and family.

Looking forward to your next step/s can truly be fun, most of the time serious, and lastly help to see exactly what your child can be capable of.  ‘Baby Steps’ and all of it’s Team (including Directors, Specialists, Coordinators, Parents, Family Members that enjoy our annual picnics (where everyone get a prize!), Brothers & Sisters all meeting new friends at our parties or at our Discover and Learn playgroups where everyone learns to play together, share, parents get to see other parents’ skillsets, etc.) certainly see what you will see with practice and new knowledge; a confident, happy child (no matter what the age).  The next page that I hope will assist you to make your decision on which provider will work best with your family is “How Do I Choose?”.  Please read through the Baby Steps program philosophy to see if our Company will be able to meet your family’s needs.




Charlene DiBello, President

ISS Baby Steps




In Early Intervention, Specialized Skills for babies zero to three years of age and a delay or disability in development are what guide us.  Always a Team approach who respect each others’ skills and experiences with each person on the Team working together, The Licensed Therapist/s evaluating the child’s developmental level at the time, getting to know the child’s strengths and needs, knowing what is most important to the parent and family, and pulling the information together with our Specialized Teachers are what makes the children in our program successful. At ‘Baby Steps’, we believe that all meetings, evaluations, practicing strategies are completed in their own home become most useful and successful.   By watching the baby using the toys and items the baby is becoming familiar with more each time, the child can give us the truest information.  All of our Specialists come to your home for all visits to get the best results for the child while the family is there, as they would be during that daily routine.  It is the best way to get to know exactly what skills the baby has within his familiar surroundings and it is the best way to know the comfort level of all of the family members and how they communicate with each other.


‘Baby Steps’ Mission is to inspire parents to realize that they are who will make the difference in the lives of their children who others think are limited.  With Safety, Health, Rights and learning basics as the parent guide, their children will have every benefit they deserve and eventually use them throughout life to advocate for themselves.  People with disabilities will be natural parts of communities and will speak (communicate in their own way) to inspire all others to see the importance and potential of variety in peoples’ ideas, in choices, in inventions and in every way that makes a community strong and safe places to live and be happy. No limits!