Shaping Brains!

How do we “shape” the brain in a way that is most advantageous to the child and future success in life?

Developmental windows for learning certain skills have been identified by brain research.  The information on how we can “shape” brains by providing the correct training, at the best time, under the best conditions is our responsibility to use! We now know that by providing practice in optimum situations, we are shaping the pathways that will support future success.  Connections (repeated experiences) that are activated most often are preserved.  We want to continue to make those connections with the child in order to shape the brain in a way that memory for those activities is most developed. 

Plasticity, or the newly discovered breakthrough concept of brain “rewiring”is seen to alter a person’s bad habits, add new approaches, or cure a phobia.  We, as educators can foster and direct new neuron pathways that will change old ways of doing things. Practice what you want to see, and watch your brain restructure to facilitate that process.
ISS has taken this research and provides the venue for that learning with your child.  Our Group (see “Group Learning” in this website) sessions are starting now and if you have read this, you are aware that it would be irresponsible of all of us not to give these chances to our kids.

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