Group Learning

       ISS programs are targeted to Group Learning because it really is how we live our lives.  We  begin by structuring the group environment with parents and other students in a way that fosters confidence and success while incidentally learning new concepts. 

  How do we learn? Our lives consist of relationships… we learn when we see others discover, we learn when we see others’ reactions to our discoveries, we learn while we see others take chances and succeed,  we learn and spend our lives learning in relationships with others.  ISS has designed a program that links the positives from group learning with a structured plan that encourages small risks to get rewards (learning). 

Early attachments and relationships are essential for healthy lives because they provide a foundation from which children can Discover & Learn.  Research in early learning shows that exposure to varied Experiences with opportunities to Discover in a safe environment are what ignites interest and inspiration within the early learning timeframe.  Our ISS Group Learning programs are specially designed to inspire babies AND their parents by creating targeted interactions that link the developmental age of the child with their interests and abilities.  These interactions provide a learning framework that utilizes a natual learning trajectory that supports the child to “master” the new information.   Our structured lesson plan templates are designed by our Master’s level specialists who have been in the field of teaching others with different learning levels, styles, strengths, approaches etc for over 20 years.  This structured learning template focuses on the natural drift toward mastery(Discovery>Participation>Collaboration>Cooperation>Mastery).  

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