Developmental Specialist Position Open



Bachelor’s Degree required (or equivalent) to have this great opportunity to work with infants and their families in their homes or most natural environment.  Our Company, ISS Baby Steps, a small , locally owned organization, is proud to work with the State of Nevada as a private provider of early intervention services for babies zero-three years of age and their families.  As a Developmental Specialist, you will be required to provide and coordinate services with families and assist them to become independent self-advocates using the tools provided by our therapeutic consultants at your disposal such as; speech and language therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, etc…  The Developmental Specialist is the educational specialist that uses their teaching skills to integrate “learning tasks” into the families’ days to meet goals that have been prioritized with the family and Team.  These “learning tasks” or outcomes are designed by and with the family and Team of specialists. The goals that are developed to support the child’s needs are established using each family members’ strengths in order to teach the parents and family members how to use the tools to build strong family and social relationships in each of their communities.

This position, Developmental Specialist, is truly the opportunity for the skilled teacher/trainer to begin at the beginning of life, training babies and families at the earliest, most opportune moments of the infant’s lives.  You actually have the chance to make a difference in the child’s development as well as the whole family’s perspective and contribution in their communities.


Come, Join our TEAM and see yourself truly make a difference.  That’s why we all started and now YOU have the opportunity to put your own skills to the test and make that difference!